Monday, November 23, 2009

5 months!

Wow, time flies when you're having fun...and not getting alot of sleep! haha  It is hard to believe Parker is 5 months old already!

He is growing sooo fast. He is turning into such a little boy now, developing a personality and is so alert. He has mastered his Jumparoo in record time...he now jumps so well in it that he 'catches air' as Jake pointed out.

We took some pictures in the yard the other day...and however cute, it was not the best idea on mommy's part. Poor baby got red bumps and scratches all over him! :(  

But, the good news is that they went away by the next morning and it didn't seem to phase him a bit. The photos turned out great though! My mom pointed out to me that there is a photo of me that is very similar, I will post it soon.

We had some family photos made yesterday on the beach, and I am very excited to get those back asap so I can share them with everyone and get started on Christmas cards!

In other news, Parker spent alot of the night last night having some pretty rough teething symptoms, so I am expecting one any day now! (I hope) He has a runny nose and some congestion, and pulling on his ear. I think these are teething issues and not a cold (again, I hope) Either way, he was up crying alot last night...poor baby.

Thanksgiving is this week! (yay) I love Thanksgiving of course, because I love to cook and eat!!! haha
We are having about 8 people for dinner including myself, but not Parker because he will have to wait until next year to sad. And then we will have our family tradition of bowling afterwards, which we have missed the last few years being in Chicago. Pics coming soon!

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