Monday, November 23, 2009

5 months!

Wow, time flies when you're having fun...and not getting alot of sleep! haha  It is hard to believe Parker is 5 months old already!

He is growing sooo fast. He is turning into such a little boy now, developing a personality and is so alert. He has mastered his Jumparoo in record time...he now jumps so well in it that he 'catches air' as Jake pointed out.

We took some pictures in the yard the other day...and however cute, it was not the best idea on mommy's part. Poor baby got red bumps and scratches all over him! :(  

But, the good news is that they went away by the next morning and it didn't seem to phase him a bit. The photos turned out great though! My mom pointed out to me that there is a photo of me that is very similar, I will post it soon.

We had some family photos made yesterday on the beach, and I am very excited to get those back asap so I can share them with everyone and get started on Christmas cards!

In other news, Parker spent alot of the night last night having some pretty rough teething symptoms, so I am expecting one any day now! (I hope) He has a runny nose and some congestion, and pulling on his ear. I think these are teething issues and not a cold (again, I hope) Either way, he was up crying alot last night...poor baby.

Thanksgiving is this week! (yay) I love Thanksgiving of course, because I love to cook and eat!!! haha
We are having about 8 people for dinner including myself, but not Parker because he will have to wait until next year to sad. And then we will have our family tradition of bowling afterwards, which we have missed the last few years being in Chicago. Pics coming soon!

Monday, November 16, 2009


Parker, Jake, and I went camping last weekend at Hanna Park! Yes, Parker went. Yes, I know it's been getting chilly. But, guess what he LOVED it! He was so good! We had a blast!

He spent alot of time in the mai tei and got lots of vitamin D!

He also enjoyed sleeping and hanging out in the tent

He still got plenty of tummy time

He rode in a bike buggy

                                                                              AND, he even made a girlfriend! Haha

Thursday, November 12, 2009

First November Post

Been kinda slacking on posting lately, but I am not sure anyone reads this anyway, so I am starting to think I am just talking to myself. Which is kinda what I do all day anyway, because Parker probably just hears a wah-wah-wah spewing from my mouth constantly. Sometimes that is the look that he gives me anyway!

So, Parker went to the pediatrican on Monday. He is now a whopping 18lbs 3oz and 26in long!!! Whoa baby! He is in the 90th percentile for weight and 75th for height. He was given lots of compliments from the nurse practitioner, Hope, that we saw for his alertness, strength, skin tone, and his looks! He is a super cutie I must say...don't know where it comes from.

He does however have to go to see a physical therapist and a chiropractor for Torticollis. His poor little head is getting really flat on his right side, and he favors it so much that sometimes I can't even turn it when I try. He fights me and he is strong. But, hopefully it will all work out and he will be fine once he is sitting up alot on his own. He can now, but only for a few seconds and then he falls forward!

Speaking of milestones...he still hasn't gotten all the way over, but he is rolling side to side! He lifts his legs way up in the air and turns back and forth alot! He also is pushing up really well on his arms during tummy time and will hang out there for quite a long time. Before he really would start fussing after a few mins but now he will lay his head down to rest and then push back up again. He is grabbing hold of hair, shirts, anything dangeling, and even my mouth and nose! This morning he woke me up by grabbing my mouth and squeezing it as hard as he could! Ouch!

Oh, and check out his new BumGenius Flip diaper in the pics above...cute eh?!

I think my cloth diapering obsession is drawing to a close (or really needs to!). I have plenty for now! Of course I will probably contiune to browse...ya never know, a to die for diaper could be looming out there. Don't want to get out of the loop! Next, items up... a highchair which we should have on Thanksgiving when 'Beppa' (Grandma Ellie) brings it, and a woven wrap carrier for christmas from Grandma Debbie! Ah, consumerism.....

My boy is serious about saving the planet!

This weekend we are taking Parker for his first camping trip! Well, actually he has been once before, but he was still in my belly! We went when I was like 7 months pregnant or something! So, hopefully we will have lots of good stories to tell and more cute pics to post!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

October's End

Sad to see it go, but October is offically over tonight. My favorite month and another has wasn't nearly cool enough here this year.

Parker is a clown this year for Halloween.  It is a make shift costume thought up by me when I started to get jealous that everyone else was dressing up their babies. I thought at first that it was kinda silly to dress him in a costume when he can't even sit up yet, let alone walk to trick or treat...but then I realized that the little sleeper 'My first Halloween' outfit that Grandma Ellie got (although extremely cute) was just not going to cut it! I can't deprive my child of a coustme on his first Halloween! Silly I know.

Last night we went out in search for a pumpkin. This was not an easy task, as all the pumpkin patches were gone or rotten. Guess that's what we get for waiting so long. But the weather here this last week was so crappy and I was waiting for it to improve so I could get the perfect picture of Parker next to a bunch of pumpkins!

No such luck really, so I had to improvise and do it at home, except for one cute one with his daddy. (left) But you can see it in Parker's face that we kept him out too late last night...poor thing!

Parker also had his first ear infection this month.

So sad.

He was just so fussy and not like himself until he got over it. He also had Roseola at the same time. I hate to see my baby sick and in pain! But the good news is he was so happy and smiling and laughing like crazy when he started feeling better! It was like he had to make up for lost time!

This post is a bit random and probably makes no sense because I am not feeling so good today...I have a very scratchy throat and a throbbing headache. So, please excuse my randomness. I think I am going to make some tea.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Diaper obsession

Here is yet another diaper that I am sure to love..since I already love BumGenius! This is BG's new diaper!

It it is called Flip! It is a diaper cover WITH SNAPS and three options for inserts! Yay for snaps!

You can get this diaper at

I am hoping to try this diaper very soon. There is just something about cloth that looks just so darn cute on a baby's bottom! (No, that is not Parker's bottom, but his legs a cute and chubby just like that but he cannot stand up like that yet!)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Smartipants and Nicki's Diapers

So, in the past if you asked me what my favorite diaper was, I would without hesitation say BumGenius. But now BG has some competition! Smartipants are a new line of cloth diapers that are also pockets, one size fits all, and have a great fit on my little chubby wubby legs, BUT you don't have to pull out the insert! That's what makes them 'smart'. I love this! And so does Jake, because he won't do it, he usally leaves them on top of the pail for me to handle!

Nicki's Diapers is giving away Smartipants this week! Check them out at: or see the giveaway here.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Laughing babe

So, I am frustrated at the fact that Parker has been laughing a ton lately (and 'talking') and I can't seem to get it on camera! I need someone to be watching over my shoulder 24-7 apparently, to capture this beacause every time I try, he stops and stares blankly at the camera!

Anyway, I haven't felt much like blogging lately. So I just came on to post some pics of Parker. I did a home photo shoot that I am quite proud of!

This was after our beautiful day we had on the 17th. It was our anniversary and the first day we had that actually felt like fall! We went to the St Augustine flea market and then to downtown St Aug for some lunch, and walked around the downtown area. Topped it off with a little chocolate peanut butter fudge to boot! Nice day. Picture of the family at the fort at the end.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things...

So first off, my little Parker is teething like a mad man. He is making this new growling, grunting noise now that sounds like pure frustration. On that note...I got his teething necklace in the mail today!!! Yay! Please let this baby work! Not only for his relief, but mine as well!

My birthday was wonderful. Jake (such a wonderful husband and father) let me sleep in...well sleeping in for me was 8:30...oh ah, made my current favorite breakfast (banana pancakes) and watched Parker so I could go get a mani/pedi and my eyebrows done! Then I had lunch with Teri and Parker...had my favorite drink (snake bite...guiness and cider) and one of my favorite foods (hummus and tabouli) and then went to the goodwill and bought some clothes for Parker! Yes, I am easily made happy!
Then, we went to Caps, as I mentioned. My mom watched Parker. (thanks mom!) It was a beautiful, semi- cool evening with a nice breeze.

We sat at the oyster bar and had a dozen oysters (one of my all time faves) and I had an amazing mojito! (my new fave right before I got pregnant) Then we got a table on the water and had a great dinner. I had a whole flounder with a orange glaze! (oh, and another mojito!) It was a little cloudy, so the sunset was hidden, but still a beautiful night. When it got dark, the lights strung along the oaks over the deck were so pretty! We finished the night off with a birthday desert, keylime in a cup with a candle. All in all, a great b-day BUT, I hadn't had 3 drinks in over a year, so I went home with a bit of a sour stomache and really full of mommy milk because I was away for so long!

Oh...and check out this milestone! (below)
I wish I could figure out how to post a video...he was holding it and shaking it! Yay Parker!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Birthday Eve and Parker

Well, it is the eve of my 30th birthday, and all is well. I am feeling a bit run down lately. Why? Because I am 30? No. I think it is because I have been foucusing my whole existance on Parker these last 3 months. I love every minitue of it, don't get me wrong, but I am ready for my birthday day to be all about me!

I am going to sleep in (or try to) and Jake is going to get up with Parker (a first!) (love you Jake!) I will have mommy milk ready for him. Jake says he is cooking me a birthday breakfast when I get up, and then I am going to go get a mani/pedi and my eyebrows waxed! Ahhh...that 'il do it!

Then that evening Jake and I are going to eat at Cap's on the water and watch the sunset, and the full moon rise. Huh? Romance? What's that!? haha

Anyway, enough about me...

Parker is full on teething right now. He is drooling galore, tugging on his ear, gnawing at his fingers, screaming bloody murder out of the blue, and having a bit of trouble falling back asleep when he wakes at night. He is still such a good baby, but I can tell it is bothersome to him. Poor baby.
Last night I had a dream that I looked at his gums and he had 4 teeth coming in all at once! I think I am ordering that teething necklace when I get done with this post!

Parker is doing great with lifting his head up off the floor during tummy time! He looks like he may even be trying to rock a bit too! I have been taking extra precaution to make sure that he is secure when I leave him, expecting him to roll over soon!

Check out those little chunky baby boobies below! LOL!!

We also spent a little bit at the beach with Grandma Debbie the other day. It has been so nice and cool this last week. I wish it would stay that way, but I know it won't last!

 Here's a couple of pics of Parker chillin at the beach! (Yes, that is a cow print diaper!! I LOVE it!)

Friday, September 25, 2009

All About The Fluff!

Kelly's Closet (where I buy my 'fluff' or cloth diapers) has giveaways every friday called (if you haven't guessed by now)...Fluff Fridays. This last week they were giving away a BumGenius Diaper in your favorite color (which is Ribbit) and I had really hoped I would get it. But no such luck. This coming week they are giving away a different type of diaper that I don't use (but would like to try it out) called a fitted. It needs a cover, but it snaps or velcros on. They are kind of like a old school prefold concept, but they fit like a disposable.

Here's a pic of the one they are giving away:

Anyhow, I really hope to win some fluff! I am starting to realize I am obsessed with cloth diapering! And there are so many, many options and colors and patterns and brands...well, you get the picture. So, winning a new diaper, instead of buying one, will keep Jake off my back! haha
So, if you wanna try to win one for yourself, or to give to me (Parker), check out Fluff Fridays @ Kelly's Closet!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

3 months and Tummy Time

I can't begin to tell you what joy Parker has brought to my life these past 3 months. I know that this is only the beginning to what is going to be an amazing chapter our lives. I am so thankful for having the abilitiy to stay at home with Parker and watch him grow and bond with him. I shed a tear everytime I think about going back to work, but I know our family needs me to soon. So, I am cherishing every miniute I have with him now, and I will have to learn how to juggle work and home life so I can still spend every second I can get with him and Jake. That's where my heart is now.

So, month 3.

Parker went for a check up last week, and he is 15lbs 3oz and 21 3/4" long! The 90th percentile for both height and weight! There is nothing more satitisfying to a breastfeeding mother than to hear that your baby is excelling in growth! I am fullfilling my duties as a woman! (Hear me roar! haha)
That being said though, he has already outgrown his bassinett, his baby tub, and alot of clothes!
He is sleeping well in his crib now, although I wasn't ready for that. I wanted him in our room longer, just knowing that he was next to me and I could hear him breathing. He is early teething too, (if you couldn't tell from the Key West pictures!), and is now chewing his thumb instead of sucking it.

We are working on tummy time right now, but he gets real fussy and frustrated.

 I have started using the boppy pillow to help him out, which seems to be working. He is starting to lift up a bit, but hasn't really realized that he can use his arms to help him stay up.

He is also reaching, batting, and grabbing for toys (and my food) which he is doing really well! He sometimes manages to hold things on his own for awhile.

My little boy is already growing up! I joked with Jake and said, next he will be moving out already!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wish List

Okay, so I never do this but I know alot of you have asked what I need/want for Parker. And my birthday (yes I want stuff for Parker for my bday) and Christmas are coming I am making it pretty easy this year! Of course most of this you have to order online, so maybe not so easy for some.

Here goes.

First, Parker is already teething. There is a necklace made of amber that is supposed to help, and is is so cute! Read all about it if you want from this site that I found that seems to have the nicest for the cheapest!

Here's a pic....Amber Teething Necklace

Next, Parker has already shown an interest in food (just like momma!) so I have decided to follow a process called Baby-led Weaning. Basically, it is skipping purees and spoon feeding and going straight to solids and letting them have the fun of feeding themselves. On that note, it will be messy! So we need a really easy to clean high chair. This one is best rated (and cheap) for BLW (baby-led weaning) Here is the link to BLW if you want to check it out! Very cool...just makes sence to me.

Here is the chair....Ikea High Chair and Tray (tray sold seperate)

Also, I have a pretty good stash of diapers now, but the BumGenius that I love I see that the velcro is already starting to fray. I think it should hold up still for quite sometime, but I was hoping they would last for the next baby too (yes, there will be another someday) So, they just came out with the onesize BG's (bumgenius) that have snaps!! It is an all in one diaper, so I am not sure that I will love it as much as my pockets, but I would like to try them out. They are a bit more expensive than the others though too. My hope is they will come out with a pocket with snaps real soon! ALSO, there is a FuzziBunz (which I also love) that has snaps and is one size! This is what I would love to start getting if I get more.

I usally buy all of them here :

or here

Here's a pic....BG OS (one size) AIO (all in one) With Snaps

Here is the FuzziBunz OS

AND I am in need of a new water bottle...and I want one for Parker too! I have got my eye on Kleen Kanteen. It is stainless steel and very eco friendly.

Here are the pics.....27oz Kleen Kanteen and Kiddie Sippy