Thursday, October 8, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things...

So first off, my little Parker is teething like a mad man. He is making this new growling, grunting noise now that sounds like pure frustration. On that note...I got his teething necklace in the mail today!!! Yay! Please let this baby work! Not only for his relief, but mine as well!

My birthday was wonderful. Jake (such a wonderful husband and father) let me sleep in...well sleeping in for me was 8:30...oh ah, made my current favorite breakfast (banana pancakes) and watched Parker so I could go get a mani/pedi and my eyebrows done! Then I had lunch with Teri and Parker...had my favorite drink (snake bite...guiness and cider) and one of my favorite foods (hummus and tabouli) and then went to the goodwill and bought some clothes for Parker! Yes, I am easily made happy!
Then, we went to Caps, as I mentioned. My mom watched Parker. (thanks mom!) It was a beautiful, semi- cool evening with a nice breeze.

We sat at the oyster bar and had a dozen oysters (one of my all time faves) and I had an amazing mojito! (my new fave right before I got pregnant) Then we got a table on the water and had a great dinner. I had a whole flounder with a orange glaze! (oh, and another mojito!) It was a little cloudy, so the sunset was hidden, but still a beautiful night. When it got dark, the lights strung along the oaks over the deck were so pretty! We finished the night off with a birthday desert, keylime in a cup with a candle. All in all, a great b-day BUT, I hadn't had 3 drinks in over a year, so I went home with a bit of a sour stomache and really full of mommy milk because I was away for so long!

Oh...and check out this milestone! (below)
I wish I could figure out how to post a video...he was holding it and shaking it! Yay Parker!!

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