Friday, September 25, 2009

All About The Fluff!

Kelly's Closet (where I buy my 'fluff' or cloth diapers) has giveaways every friday called (if you haven't guessed by now)...Fluff Fridays. This last week they were giving away a BumGenius Diaper in your favorite color (which is Ribbit) and I had really hoped I would get it. But no such luck. This coming week they are giving away a different type of diaper that I don't use (but would like to try it out) called a fitted. It needs a cover, but it snaps or velcros on. They are kind of like a old school prefold concept, but they fit like a disposable.

Here's a pic of the one they are giving away:

Anyhow, I really hope to win some fluff! I am starting to realize I am obsessed with cloth diapering! And there are so many, many options and colors and patterns and brands...well, you get the picture. So, winning a new diaper, instead of buying one, will keep Jake off my back! haha
So, if you wanna try to win one for yourself, or to give to me (Parker), check out Fluff Fridays @ Kelly's Closet!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

3 months and Tummy Time

I can't begin to tell you what joy Parker has brought to my life these past 3 months. I know that this is only the beginning to what is going to be an amazing chapter our lives. I am so thankful for having the abilitiy to stay at home with Parker and watch him grow and bond with him. I shed a tear everytime I think about going back to work, but I know our family needs me to soon. So, I am cherishing every miniute I have with him now, and I will have to learn how to juggle work and home life so I can still spend every second I can get with him and Jake. That's where my heart is now.

So, month 3.

Parker went for a check up last week, and he is 15lbs 3oz and 21 3/4" long! The 90th percentile for both height and weight! There is nothing more satitisfying to a breastfeeding mother than to hear that your baby is excelling in growth! I am fullfilling my duties as a woman! (Hear me roar! haha)
That being said though, he has already outgrown his bassinett, his baby tub, and alot of clothes!
He is sleeping well in his crib now, although I wasn't ready for that. I wanted him in our room longer, just knowing that he was next to me and I could hear him breathing. He is early teething too, (if you couldn't tell from the Key West pictures!), and is now chewing his thumb instead of sucking it.

We are working on tummy time right now, but he gets real fussy and frustrated.

 I have started using the boppy pillow to help him out, which seems to be working. He is starting to lift up a bit, but hasn't really realized that he can use his arms to help him stay up.

He is also reaching, batting, and grabbing for toys (and my food) which he is doing really well! He sometimes manages to hold things on his own for awhile.

My little boy is already growing up! I joked with Jake and said, next he will be moving out already!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wish List

Okay, so I never do this but I know alot of you have asked what I need/want for Parker. And my birthday (yes I want stuff for Parker for my bday) and Christmas are coming I am making it pretty easy this year! Of course most of this you have to order online, so maybe not so easy for some.

Here goes.

First, Parker is already teething. There is a necklace made of amber that is supposed to help, and is is so cute! Read all about it if you want from this site that I found that seems to have the nicest for the cheapest!

Here's a pic....Amber Teething Necklace

Next, Parker has already shown an interest in food (just like momma!) so I have decided to follow a process called Baby-led Weaning. Basically, it is skipping purees and spoon feeding and going straight to solids and letting them have the fun of feeding themselves. On that note, it will be messy! So we need a really easy to clean high chair. This one is best rated (and cheap) for BLW (baby-led weaning) Here is the link to BLW if you want to check it out! Very cool...just makes sence to me.

Here is the chair....Ikea High Chair and Tray (tray sold seperate)

Also, I have a pretty good stash of diapers now, but the BumGenius that I love I see that the velcro is already starting to fray. I think it should hold up still for quite sometime, but I was hoping they would last for the next baby too (yes, there will be another someday) So, they just came out with the onesize BG's (bumgenius) that have snaps!! It is an all in one diaper, so I am not sure that I will love it as much as my pockets, but I would like to try them out. They are a bit more expensive than the others though too. My hope is they will come out with a pocket with snaps real soon! ALSO, there is a FuzziBunz (which I also love) that has snaps and is one size! This is what I would love to start getting if I get more.

I usally buy all of them here :

or here

Here's a pic....BG OS (one size) AIO (all in one) With Snaps

Here is the FuzziBunz OS

AND I am in need of a new water bottle...and I want one for Parker too! I have got my eye on Kleen Kanteen. It is stainless steel and very eco friendly.

Here are the pics.....27oz Kleen Kanteen and Kiddie Sippy

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Visiting Grandpa and Kiki in Key West

Labor day weekend we went to The Keys to visit Jake's Dad (Grandpa) and his wife Sissy (Kiki) . Along with us came Grandma Debbie and Aunt Perri. We had a blast!!! (Thanks Andy and Sissy) We made the drive at night on the way down and Parker did wonderful...of course he slept most of the way, but he went to sleep right on cue, his normal bedtime! He is amazing. I brought a pump along because I didn't know what to expect with such a long car ride, and I was dead against taking him out of his seat while we were driving. Of course I have heard some crazy stories about mommas leaning over the carseat and nursing while everyone is still buckled, but I wasn't up for such acrobatics...and I don't think my sister and onlookers would have enjoyed it either! But luckily he held out most of the time for the stops. The way home was a different story! (We left in the morning)
Parker was pretty much on his best behavior the whole time we were there! He slept a 9 hour stretch one night! I was super tired, so I didn't even wake up, but Jake woke up in a panic and ran to check to make sure that he was still breathing while yelling at me asking if Parker had work up for any feedings. Of course he was perfectly fine. ;) Go baby...momma needed sleep!

The weather was perfect, We caught lots of fish and lobsters (well...Jake did), We went snorkeling and dodged Manta Rays, Our hosts were amazing, and the Cuban food and frozen Key lime pie on a stick was to die for!