Sunday, September 13, 2009

Visiting Grandpa and Kiki in Key West

Labor day weekend we went to The Keys to visit Jake's Dad (Grandpa) and his wife Sissy (Kiki) . Along with us came Grandma Debbie and Aunt Perri. We had a blast!!! (Thanks Andy and Sissy) We made the drive at night on the way down and Parker did wonderful...of course he slept most of the way, but he went to sleep right on cue, his normal bedtime! He is amazing. I brought a pump along because I didn't know what to expect with such a long car ride, and I was dead against taking him out of his seat while we were driving. Of course I have heard some crazy stories about mommas leaning over the carseat and nursing while everyone is still buckled, but I wasn't up for such acrobatics...and I don't think my sister and onlookers would have enjoyed it either! But luckily he held out most of the time for the stops. The way home was a different story! (We left in the morning)
Parker was pretty much on his best behavior the whole time we were there! He slept a 9 hour stretch one night! I was super tired, so I didn't even wake up, but Jake woke up in a panic and ran to check to make sure that he was still breathing while yelling at me asking if Parker had work up for any feedings. Of course he was perfectly fine. ;) Go baby...momma needed sleep!

The weather was perfect, We caught lots of fish and lobsters (well...Jake did), We went snorkeling and dodged Manta Rays, Our hosts were amazing, and the Cuban food and frozen Key lime pie on a stick was to die for!

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