Tuesday, September 22, 2009

3 months and Tummy Time

I can't begin to tell you what joy Parker has brought to my life these past 3 months. I know that this is only the beginning to what is going to be an amazing chapter our lives. I am so thankful for having the abilitiy to stay at home with Parker and watch him grow and bond with him. I shed a tear everytime I think about going back to work, but I know our family needs me to soon. So, I am cherishing every miniute I have with him now, and I will have to learn how to juggle work and home life so I can still spend every second I can get with him and Jake. That's where my heart is now.

So, month 3.

Parker went for a check up last week, and he is 15lbs 3oz and 21 3/4" long! The 90th percentile for both height and weight! There is nothing more satitisfying to a breastfeeding mother than to hear that your baby is excelling in growth! I am fullfilling my duties as a woman! (Hear me roar! haha)
That being said though, he has already outgrown his bassinett, his baby tub, and alot of clothes!
He is sleeping well in his crib now, although I wasn't ready for that. I wanted him in our room longer, just knowing that he was next to me and I could hear him breathing. He is early teething too, (if you couldn't tell from the Key West pictures!), and is now chewing his thumb instead of sucking it.

We are working on tummy time right now, but he gets real fussy and frustrated.

 I have started using the boppy pillow to help him out, which seems to be working. He is starting to lift up a bit, but hasn't really realized that he can use his arms to help him stay up.

He is also reaching, batting, and grabbing for toys (and my food) which he is doing really well! He sometimes manages to hold things on his own for awhile.

My little boy is already growing up! I joked with Jake and said, next he will be moving out already!

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