Saturday, October 31, 2009

October's End

Sad to see it go, but October is offically over tonight. My favorite month and another has wasn't nearly cool enough here this year.

Parker is a clown this year for Halloween.  It is a make shift costume thought up by me when I started to get jealous that everyone else was dressing up their babies. I thought at first that it was kinda silly to dress him in a costume when he can't even sit up yet, let alone walk to trick or treat...but then I realized that the little sleeper 'My first Halloween' outfit that Grandma Ellie got (although extremely cute) was just not going to cut it! I can't deprive my child of a coustme on his first Halloween! Silly I know.

Last night we went out in search for a pumpkin. This was not an easy task, as all the pumpkin patches were gone or rotten. Guess that's what we get for waiting so long. But the weather here this last week was so crappy and I was waiting for it to improve so I could get the perfect picture of Parker next to a bunch of pumpkins!

No such luck really, so I had to improvise and do it at home, except for one cute one with his daddy. (left) But you can see it in Parker's face that we kept him out too late last night...poor thing!

Parker also had his first ear infection this month.

So sad.

He was just so fussy and not like himself until he got over it. He also had Roseola at the same time. I hate to see my baby sick and in pain! But the good news is he was so happy and smiling and laughing like crazy when he started feeling better! It was like he had to make up for lost time!

This post is a bit random and probably makes no sense because I am not feeling so good today...I have a very scratchy throat and a throbbing headache. So, please excuse my randomness. I think I am going to make some tea.

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