Thursday, November 12, 2009

First November Post

Been kinda slacking on posting lately, but I am not sure anyone reads this anyway, so I am starting to think I am just talking to myself. Which is kinda what I do all day anyway, because Parker probably just hears a wah-wah-wah spewing from my mouth constantly. Sometimes that is the look that he gives me anyway!

So, Parker went to the pediatrican on Monday. He is now a whopping 18lbs 3oz and 26in long!!! Whoa baby! He is in the 90th percentile for weight and 75th for height. He was given lots of compliments from the nurse practitioner, Hope, that we saw for his alertness, strength, skin tone, and his looks! He is a super cutie I must say...don't know where it comes from.

He does however have to go to see a physical therapist and a chiropractor for Torticollis. His poor little head is getting really flat on his right side, and he favors it so much that sometimes I can't even turn it when I try. He fights me and he is strong. But, hopefully it will all work out and he will be fine once he is sitting up alot on his own. He can now, but only for a few seconds and then he falls forward!

Speaking of milestones...he still hasn't gotten all the way over, but he is rolling side to side! He lifts his legs way up in the air and turns back and forth alot! He also is pushing up really well on his arms during tummy time and will hang out there for quite a long time. Before he really would start fussing after a few mins but now he will lay his head down to rest and then push back up again. He is grabbing hold of hair, shirts, anything dangeling, and even my mouth and nose! This morning he woke me up by grabbing my mouth and squeezing it as hard as he could! Ouch!

Oh, and check out his new BumGenius Flip diaper in the pics above...cute eh?!

I think my cloth diapering obsession is drawing to a close (or really needs to!). I have plenty for now! Of course I will probably contiune to browse...ya never know, a to die for diaper could be looming out there. Don't want to get out of the loop! Next, items up... a highchair which we should have on Thanksgiving when 'Beppa' (Grandma Ellie) brings it, and a woven wrap carrier for christmas from Grandma Debbie! Ah, consumerism.....

My boy is serious about saving the planet!

This weekend we are taking Parker for his first camping trip! Well, actually he has been once before, but he was still in my belly! We went when I was like 7 months pregnant or something! So, hopefully we will have lots of good stories to tell and more cute pics to post!

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